JANA Cream

JANA baby Cream


·      Diaper rash.                                             

·      Nipple fissures.                               

·      Contact dermatitis.

·      Seborrhoeic dermatitis.

·      Child Urticaria.

·      Chicken Box disease.

·      Ringworm.

·      Impetigo skin lesions.

·      Skin hand warts.

·      Co-Therapy with topical corticosteroids.

Mode of Action

JANA Cream has an ultimate baby skin protection through its unique Glyzinc which effective in the treatment and prevention of ammoniacal dermatitis, Also Glyzinc will be effective in all breast disorders.

JANA Cream Protects baby skin by Occlusive and antiseptic effect through Zinc oxide and Glyzinc.

JANA Cream Repairs baby skin by anti-inflammatory effect through Olive oil, Liquid paraffin, Bees wax.

JANA Cream Softens baby skin by emollient effect through Olive oil, Zinc oxide, Glycerol, Glyzin, Panthenol, Lanoline, Bees wax, Liquid paraffin.

JANA Cream has a strong antibacterial& anti-fungal effect through Glyzinc.


Olive oil, Glycerol, Zinc oxide, Glyzinc, Lanoline, Bees wax, Liquid paraffin, Panthenol, Vasline ....


50 gm.

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